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what makes a website look fabulous?

when it comes to building a website then it is easy now a day to design your own website through various online platforms.But only desiging an attractive website is not necessary the content, functioanlity and working of website also matters alot.
Here are some of the important factor to keep in mind while designing a website for your business. Content-
Website content is the King of your Webite.If you are designing your website then content matters alot.People always coem to your website to get answer of any question. Content is the best way of giving their answer.Well written content always keep your website popular and well maintained and viewer always keep attached with your website.

The design of your website should have to be attractive and self explanatory in nature.It shouls be designed in a way that it should reflect its purpose itself.

The site should function smooth in oder to work faster or it will cause frustation for end user and will force him to leave your website. so make its faunctioanlity better so that user will get a good feedback from your website.

your website should be well optimized if you want a good feedback from client. The loading time of your website should be minimum in order to get traffic on your website. The less time the website will load more traffic you will get.

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