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Some Photoshop effects that every graphic designer must know

Everyone in this world like different effects in their photo and if particular effect is easy to do and can transform your ordinary pic to stunning picture. Adobe Photoshop is a best software right now to make text editable or images editable. Here we have shown some of the good example of 3D effects & glass effect design, clakboard effect , foggy effect etc.

1. Create an electrified effect in photoshop

2. Chalkboard effect with a pen tool

3. Text on foggy rainy window

4. Strawberry fruit pie effect in Photoshop

5. Colorful sparkling glass effect

6. Lightening text effect in Photoshop

7. Leafy text effect

8. 3d layer block effect

9. Deisgn magical fire text effect

10. Metallic textures

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