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Some huge SEO benefits of responsive Web Design

In today competitive digital marketing responsive website design is not only luxury.. it is necessity for market. Mobile has taken as an important component of all the digital marketing.. Almost 60% of search engine queries are raised using mobile phone… this is how our generation is surfing internet using mobile phone.With mobile responsive design , which was once an innovation term for all the designer and developers .. now become a very common term for digital industry… lets have a look how responsive design benifts in SEO of your website…

1. Mobile responsive website always increase traffic rate on your website

2. Responsive web design adapts to different screen sizes.. results everyone is able to see the actual web design.. and layout is more readable

3. Google always boost mobile friendly website..since 2015, google has introduce an algorithms for mobile friendly website boosting…

4. It gives better user experience.. improving user experience for your site results better SEO results.

5. It gives faster page speed… it improves page load time

6. Decrease bounce rate

7. Mobile responsive website is much more cheaper than to a mobile site as well.

8. Mobile responsive websites eliminate duplicate date content.. you do not need to override the content to make for both mobile and websites.

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