Static Websites


Static Websites

A static website is a website that is delivered to the client exactly as designed,without need of any code. As compared to static websites Dynamic websites are generated by a web application. If you are looking for a website that does not require much frequent modification, then you can choose static web designing. If you want to design a website that does not need too frequent changes than you can choose option of Static Websites. Static websites takes minimum web space, they get develop in short time, hence there is less coding require to design them. We first gather all client requirement about the different features for their website, we create a PSD design, Show them that design, then take thier permission for the same and designs its home page in just 1 working days. Our motive is to design a SEO friendly website for your business and turn up more people to the website hence increase traffic on your website and improve SEO ranking as well.

Some are the quick features of Static Website:

  • » Static websites are easy to design and has easy layout to understand.
  • » These websites has easy navigation feature and light weighted hence loaded quickly
  • » They consist user-friendly interface
  • » Changes can be done in the layout as and when required

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